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11 Jun

nt transport systems and intelligent micro-grid sys

stems. In view o上海后花园女神会所f the complicated domestic and global situations, China should more actively participate in the ma king of new trade and investment rules and reforming the global governance system to make it fai rer and equitable, apart from making efforts to ink more free trade agreements across the world. With the Belt and
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27 May

The new water-hydrogen engine, produced by the Chin

Youngman Automobile Group Co, has been the subject of visits from top city officials and been praised by Zhang Wenshen, Party chief in Nanyang, according to the report. Following the report, the engine sparked discussion and debate, because it runs contrary to the principles of physics. Nanyang’s bureau of industry and information technology said the
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27 Apr

The remote sensing can also be used in making elec

ctric and visual files for water source protection zones after matching the satellite remote sensing images and the ground si tuation. Such work has been trialed in four cities. In the future, satellite remote sensing will become a nor mal method in everyday law enforcement of water sources and long-term supervise. “The innovation of using
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